Ration Stamp 1-6, 2012, woodcut

Ration Stamp 1-6, 2012, woodcut, 17½ x 26" ed. 25

The rationing program during WWII was instituted to provide for an equal distribution of food and commodities to the civilian population of the US. I was struck by the magnitude of the program, and that the US government had made such a huge effort to get across messages that seem both quaint and utterly timely.

Given our current political environment, where any government effort to promote, however timidly, an equitable distribution of resources is decried as anti-American, our national attitudes have become selfish and narrow by comparison. Rather than look for solutions to our economic problems in conservation and considered consumption, we are told that the answer lies only in stimulating consumer demand. Convinced of the inevitable good of wealth, excess, and economic expansion, we have completely lost touch with the concept of "enough."

Copyright © Cris Bruch 2012