Cris Bruch, Mt. Si Bridge, 2005-2009

Mt. Si Bridge, 2005-2009

Commissioning Agency: 4Culture.

Fabricators: Blue Mountain Fine Art, Baker City, Oregon; 12th Avenue Iron, Seattle.

The Mt. Si Bridge Replacement project began as a design team effort, one that drew input and inspiration from the local community. The artistic goals for the project included enhancing the relationship of the built structure to its environment, considering how each bridge part relates to the whole expression of the structure, and taking into account the historic importance of the existing bridge. The new bridge design is an event containing awe and excitement within a narrative structure, an experience punctuated with beauty and discovery. Art elements include the color scheme for the truss and rails, the rail in-fill and plinth design, cast bronze low-relief gusset ornamentation, sidewalk texture and color, and landscaping elements, notably a 200' planting of red dogwood on both sides of the river to mark the site of the former bridge.

Copyright © Cris Bruch 2009